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Project ROBIN has come to its end and we would like to thank everyone who has been involved and shown interest for the project.

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His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik at OUH

The official celebration of the Odense University Hospital's 100-year anniversary featured a royal walk through the lobby to HC Andersen Children's Hospital, speeches and reception in the anniversary tent for an invited audience and tour of the Joint Acute Admission.

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End-of-Project Conference August 31st, 2012, in Kiel

After two and a half years of successful collaboration between the two University Hospitals Odense and Kiel, the ROBIN project will come to an end in October 2012.

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New application for ”Hand disinfection-robot” handed in

A new application has been handed in. It concerns a “hand disinfection-robot” and could be a great tool in public health care as well as child care centers and the food and catering industry.

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Extension for Robin has been handed in

Since project Robin has given very promising ideas to innovative robot technology, we have applied for an extension on project Robin. If we get it approved the project will run another year – until May 2013.

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Thank you!

We would like thank all speakers and participants at the last ROBIN Workshop Conference in Sankelmark on 2 September 2011. Thank you for helping to make this event successful and productive!

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Planned measures to inform the public

The communication and dissemination tasks of the project aim at disseminating the project’s activities and achievements outside the project to relevant stakeholders.

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